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Rock Craft Gems

Welcome to RockCraftGems.net

This site contains lots of useful information about the craft of Rock and Gem Polishing and how to make lovely jewellery from your Polished Stones.

At RockCraft Gems we help you to get started with this fascinating hobby by advising you about the best type of equipment to use and give you expert tips about polishing  your stones. We also provide you with some great ideas about what you can do with your polished stones such as Jewellery Making Techniques, using them as attractive ornaments or how to sell them for profit.




Hand Made Turquoise Gemstone Ring

Polishing Stones and Making Gemstone Jewellery is a Great Hobby for all the Family

It's educational.  While selecting stones suitable for polishing you'll learn about identifying them and the different types of stones and gemstone families.  Kids particularly enjoy making gemstone collections.

Polished stones are decorative around the house and help you connect with nature.  Having stones as ornaments around the house also helps brighten up your home.

It's fun picking up pebbles from the beach and they can make lovely holiday souvenirs.

You can make an income from our hobby. Selling polished stones or the jewellery you make from them is a fun way to earn a small income.

It’s creative.  Making jewellery from our stones is a very enjoyable hobby and there are many other things you can do with your polished stones.

Pendant hand made from Tumble Polished Malachite using the Wire Wrapping Method

On this site we explain to you about the many different ways you can cut and polish stones.  The art of polishing stones is called Lapidary.  Lapidary Machines such as Cabbing Machine cut oval shaped stones known as cabochons while Rock Tumblers polish beach pebbles or Semi\-Precious stones into smooth rounded gemstones.

All the machines on this site can be used at home by amateurs as well as Professionals for stone polishing and jewellery making.  We tell you all about lapidary machines, where to buy them and how to use them.

Home Made Blue Agate Book Ends

There are a wide variety of stones that you can polish at home using Lapidary Equipment.  You can also buy inexpensive semi-precious stones which offer many different colours and varieties. The Agate Book Ends shown above were made from Brazilian Agate which would cost you about £10 to buy in its rough form.  In our section about semi-precious stones we tell you about the different types of semi-precious stones available, where to buy semi-precious stones and which are most suitable for polishing in a Rock Tumbler or using other lapidary machines such as cabbing or faceting machines.  Semi-Precious Stones for Rock Tumbling.

You can also collect pebbles from the beach or even your garden which can polish up into amazing polished pebbles. The British Isles has a wide collection of colourful agates and if you're lucky you can even find  colourful Quartz semi-precious stones such as Amethyst or Citrine in the British Isles. See our guide to finding your own pebbles.